Sol-Ark 15k: All-In-One Hybrid Inverter



Sol-Ark SA-Limitless-15K Hybrid All-In-One Stackable Solar Generator 48VDC 15,000W


  • NEMA 3R Rated Outdoor Enclosure, NEMA -4 Electronics
  • 120/240/208V in the same unit
  • Pure sine
  • Modes
    • Limited Home/Zero Export capable
    • Time of Use/Peak Shaving
  • Can be used with any 48V brand/type/chemistry battery
  • Auto Generator Start
  • Rapid Shutdown Options
  • Can DC and AC couple at the same time
  • Easy One plug AC couple
  • 208/3-Phase Capable
  • Arc Fault Built-In
  • Built-In PV Shut-Off/Disconnect
  • World-Class ‘UPS-Grade’ 5ms “no-glitch” transfer time with an impressive 93% round-trip efficiency (which is up to 500x faster than other inverter alternatives) (e.g. Tesla Powerwall is 2000ms, 7000W AC Surge, 5000W continuous)
  • Color touch display
  • Noise free system
  • Highly responsive 7 day/week LIVE engineers
  • Remote “Fleet Management” for Installers
  • Can be used as a grid-tie only system, or off-grid with PV and generator
  • Hybrid/On/Off-Grid Inverter/AC Coupled/DC Coupled/AC&DC Coupled
    • 3x 20A 500VDC MPPTs
      • 2 strings per MPPT
  • Parallel Stack up to 12 inverters in 208V system
  • Parallel Stack up to 12 inverters in a 120V/240V system
  • Whole-Home Power
    • 17,000W from PV
    • 48000W 200A L-L (240V) Continuous AC Power with Grid of Generator
    • 30,000W L-L AC Surge at 240V
  • Modern transformerless inverters are lighter weight, lower cost, and offer superior efficiency

The Sol-Ark SA-Limitless-15k is a great choice as a stackable solar/hybrid inverter! It’s an all-in-one, pre-wired inverter with built-in charge controllers and many other built-in features fitted as standard. It is flexible, efficient, and affordable. Everything you need comes in one box, keeping your cost LOW and installation SIMPLE. Includes a 10-year standard Warranty.

***Shipped to nearest freight hub for dock pickup. Home delivery available for additional $350… please contact us directly by phone or email for additional shipping options.

Additional information

Weight 145 lbs